5 Reasons for Getting Luxury Vinyl Tile in Your Home

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 25th Nov 2016

5 Reasons for Getting Luxury Vinyl Tile in Your Home

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Edmonton from Carpet Superstores Edmonton
Luxury vinyl tile is an exceptional product that hasn't received its full recognition by homeowners. Widely used in commercial applications, this flooring type is designed to be hard-wearing while looking great. With designs that look just like hardwood, stone and tile, we can give you five reasons for getting luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring in your Edmonton home instead of any other types of flooring.

1. Luxury Vinyl Tile is Stable and Flexible

Luxury vinyl tile is made with layered construction and its main component is PVC vinyl. While it can look like wood or stone flooring products, it is much more stable and flexible, lending itself well to applications that are not recommended for the natural products it mimics. You can enjoy the look of real hardwood, natural stone or even natural tile anywhere in your Edmonton home.

2. Installation Made Easy

Installation of LVT in your Edmonton home is a breeze compared to other flooring types. You could try and install your own LVT, but hiring professional installers will not cost you as much as other flooring types will.

3. An Affordable Choice

Luxury vinyl tile has the beautiful and sophisticated look of natural wood, stone or tile flooring yet comes at a much lower price tag. Since it is a man-made material, you have a far broader range of colours and styles to choose from and a uniformity that you just cannot get from natural products. When you factor in how long LVT flooring can last, it truly is an economical flooring choice.

4. High Traffic is No Problem

Your LVT flooring can be placed in any room of your Edmonton home, even the room with the most traffic and it will hold up beautifully. From muddy, salt-coated winter boots to wet feet and towels on hot summer days, you will not have the stress of worrying over your floors like you would with other materials.

5. Add Time to Your Busy Life

From sealing and waxing wood, stone or tile floors to polishing and buffing and scrubbing stained grout, all of that work is history with luxury vinyl tile. Think of the amount of time you can add back to your busy Edmonton lifestyle when you have flooring that needs only sweeping or vacuuming for daily cleaning and a good mopping when particularly dirty. Even spills are quickly handled with your mop since you have no seams for the pesky juices or wines to seep through.

Luxury vinyl tile lets you have luxurious looking flooring that is durable enough to handle your busy Edmonton lifestyle and look great! With easy care and an affordable price tag, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner! Contact us today or stop in to our showroom at Flooring Superstores Edmonton to see for yourself how many great looks you can create with LVT.