Alberta Strong: Helping Those Affected By the Fort McMurray Fire

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 13th Jun 2016

Alberta Strong: Helping Those Affected By the Fort McMurray Fire

Fort McMurray Fire Relief Flooring Sale at Carpet Superstores Edmonton
Our team at Flooring Superstores Edmonton is here to help in your time of need after all of the devastation the tragic fire has caused in Fort McMurray. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the fire. In our effort to contribute to Fort McMurray fire relief, we are offering the lowest prices ever on flooring for all families who have been affected by this catastrophic event with our Fort McMurray Fire Relief Flooring Sale. In addition to our sale, we have a few tips to give you to restore your flooring post-fire.

Tips to Help with Flooring Clean-Up Post-Fire

If your home wasn't damaged, but has suffered the effects of smoke, soot and ash you are likely faced with considerable cleaning to restore your home. As part of our Fort McMurray fire relief efforts, we would like to try to help you save your flooring if at all possible. The following are some tips for cleaning after a fire that we thought you might find useful:

  • Begin by thoroughly vacuuming all of your flooring. To help prevent soot and fine ash from re-entering the air, use filters that are designed to capture drywall dust if your vacuum uses disposable filters. For vacuums with filters that can be cleaned, clean them often throughout the process.
  • For laminate and wood flooring, we recommend the specialized cleaners recommended by the manufacturers, such as Bona or Armstrong laminate and hardwood cleaner. Be sure to use the least amount of water possible and do not allow any water to sit on the surface of your floors. For tile, linoleum or luxury vinyl plank, we like Armstrong Once and Done.
  • Cleaning carpeted floors is a bit more challenging. We highly recommend a deep steam cleaning with a good deodorizing product. The soot and ash settle deep into the fibers of your rug and the smoke clings to fabric, making these extra measures necessary.

We Are Here to Help

We invite all Fort McMurray residents requiring fire relief to stop in to view our large in-store inventory with a variety of flooring products at prices designed to help get your home restored fast. Our expert flooring team is here to help you through this difficult time so you can restore your home. Contact us today for more information.