All Pet Protection & Warranty: Why Mohawk Carpet Flooring is Perfect for Animal Lovers

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 8th Jun 2017

All Pet Protection & Warranty: Why Mohawk Carpet Flooring is Perfect for Animal Lovers

All Pet Protection & Warranty: Why Mohawk Carpet Flooring is Perfect for Animal Lovers
The pleasure of playing with your favorite pets on a comfortable carpet floor is profound. However, this joy can be subdued by the legitimate concerns on how much longer you will enjoy the carpet flooring before it gives in. Well, with the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet from Mohawk Carpet Flooring Edmonton, you can push those concerns aside and enjoy quality time with your pets with no limitations.

Mohawk Carpet Flooring Edmonton offers Edmonton pet lovers unprecedented spill protection, durability, stain resistance and so much more. Backing this is an industry- first limited lifetime full pet stain warranty as a testament of the superior all pet protection offered by SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet from Mohawk Carpet Flooring Edmonton. That’s quite a mouthful but here is a breakdown.

Forever Clean Carpet Flooring

SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet features the revolutionary Nanoloc spill and soil protection. This is facilitated by the molecular bonding of nanoparticles to shield the fiber from spills and soil. The fiber therefore actively repels bacteria, spills, and dander. Additionally, independent testing shows that SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet releases more dirt than other carpets meaning that it cleans faster, easier and more effectively than all other carpets.

Forever Stain Free

Wave goodbye to stained carpets as SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet offers built-in permanent stain resistance that will not wash off or wear off. It lacks dye sites onto which stains can attach. Nylon, on the other hand, offers no core protection which means that spills attach to the dye sites making cleaning harder.

Forever Pure

The biggest misdoing of common nylon carpet flooring is that it absorbs a lot of moisture. Bearing that spills and such accidents are inevitable, the moisture lodged into the fiber eventually evaporates creating a musty smell. The SmartStrand fiber absorbs 0% liquid which means that your Mohawk Carpet Flooring Edmonton will retain its freshness and purity for a lifetime.

Forever Durable

Mohawk Carpet Flooring combines an unmatched level of strength and softness in the SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet. Packing a mind-boggling 700 silk-like fibers in a single strand of yarn, the SmartStrand has shown to retain softness and impeccable beauty even after 60,000 steps. That is three times better than any nylon carpet in the market. Therefore, regardless of whether your pet is a kitten, a German shepherd or a guinea pig, you can rest assured that your Mohawk Carpet Flooring will hold up and remain soft forever.

Limited Pet Stain Warranty

Mohawk Carpet Flooring Edmonton stands by the quality of its products. Mohawk, therefore, warrants that the surface pile of Mohawk carpets will resist all forms of pet stains for their lifetime. 

Additionally, Mohawk leads the industry in actively advocating for green products and practices. Visit Flooring Superstores for Mohawk Carpet Flooring in Edmonton.