Area Rug Rules That Can Make You Just Like a Design Pro

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 15th Jan 2017

Area Rug Rules That Can Make You Just Like a Design Pro

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An area rug can anchor a room, can create intimate spaces within large rooms or even be your inspiration for a whole new decor. We are often asked for advice when people are looking for area rugs for their Edmonton homes so we thought we'd put together a list of rules that can make you just like a design pro.

Rules to Live by for Area Rugs

Working with Colours

When choosing colours, don't work too hard to get perfect match. This can create a look that is too artificial since even in nature colours don't match perfectly. If you're redecorating an entire room, you should find an area rug that you really love and pull colours from the pattern for accents in the room. If you choose area rugs with plenty of colours, like a tribal design, you give yourself a lot of options to change up the decor in the future.

Sizing for Area Rugs

If you choose area rugs that are too small for your room, the decor will look disjointed and cause furniture to look out of scale. When deciding how large to pick an area rug for your Edmonton home, keep in mind that if it extends to the edges of your furniture, your space will look larger and you'll get a cohesive look. To help you picture this concept, think of an area rug for a dining room. A rug that barely contains the table and chairs will look out of place, while a rug that extends far enough to accommodate your chairs when pulled out for seating will look like it was made just for that spot.

Area Rugs Serve Different Purposes

If you have long hallways or a large, bare floor in the entry of your Edmonton home, area rugs can really warm up these spaces and add definition. You shouldn't worry about mixing things up a little either, like if several area rugs are going to be visible from your living room, they don't need to be exact matches. If you choose one basic colour that is prominent in all of them, mixing up the patterns or colour changes will help define each space where you have used an area rug.

At Flooring Superstores Edmonton, our team has more great tips and tricks for pulling together your decor with area rugs. We can help you choose area rugs that will perfectly blend in with your style. Contact us today or even stop in and see us because we can't wait to help you get started with finding the perfect area rug!