Beaulieu Laminate Flooring: Quality Products in a Fashion-Forward and Simplified Manner

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 16th Aug 2017

Beaulieu Laminate Flooring: Quality Products in a Fashion-Forward and Simplified Manner

Beaulieu Laminate Flooring: Quality Products in a Fashion-Forward and Simplified Manner
From being one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Wall-to-Wall Carpets in North America, Beaulieu Flooring is now a full flooring distributor covering the whole spectrum of flooring solutions.

If you are looking to install quality laminate flooring that is stylish and reliable for your active family, Beaulieu Laminate Flooring Edmonton is your perfect solution. Beaulieu Laminate Flooring combines distinctive realistic designs with durable and water-resistant finishes to deliver a one of a kind combo of style and durability.

Beaulieu Flooring – Fashion Forward Laminate Flooring In Edmonton

In a bid to ensure that all Beaulieu flooring products meet your unique style, Beaulieu Flooring recently revamped its corporate look and introduced a line of distinctively designed laminate products. The line is inspired by the latest and hottest European trends to transform your laminate flooring from just a part of the house but a tool that expresses your sense of fashion.

Quality Laminate Flooring in Edmonton with a Minimalist Approach

Innovation is pertinent to keeping up with current and future trends. Beaulieu employs industry leading specialists to continually explore new and improved flooring solutions that adapt and defines trends. With, Beaulieu you are guaranteed to find a perfect match for your home. Using a minimalist approach to market their products, Beaulieu enables you to filter through the clutter and from the wide selection of laminate products, find the perfect color and design for your Edmonton home.

A Distinctive Selection of Laminate Flooring in Edmonton

Beaulieu Flooring offers an unmatched selection of styles for you to choose from. With more than 100 styles with each featuring unique qualities unexplored by other flooring companies, you are guaranteed of a unique floor. The collection replicates a wide range of wood and varnishes that seek after your preferences.

Durable Laminate Flooring in Edmonton

Whether you are a retired or young vibrant family, Beaulieu Flooring Edmonton is designed to retain its allure for many years to come. With an AC4 Rating, you are guaranteed that your Beaulieu Laminate Flooring Edmonton is resistant to unsightly scratches and stains. Additionally, Beaulieu Laminate uses high-quality dyes and a UV protective finish to ensure that colors will not wash off or fade away even on exposure to sunlight.

Whole Family Safe Laminate Flooring in Edmonton

Beaulieu Laminate Flooring uses low impact adhesives with minimal emissions and thereby retaining indoor air quality. You can rest assured that your young ones and pets are breathing chemical-free air. Additionally, as a pet lover, you will be pleased to note that all Beaulieu Laminate products have a pet guarantee much to your relief.

When you purchase Beaulieu Laminate Flooring Edmonton, you are investing in more than a quality elegant floor. You are also investing in a tool to express your personality, sense of style and view of elegance. Contact Flooring Superstores today to view the latest Beaulieu Laminate Flooring products and redefine or reinvigorate your sense of style.