Biggest Blunders Made When Buying Beaulieu Carpet Flooring

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 23rd Nov 2018

Biggest Blunders Made When Buying Beaulieu Carpet Flooring

Beaulieu Carpet Flooring

Are you considering buying Beaulieu carpet flooring for your home or office? Has your interest for buying a carpet been sparked by the beautiful magazine images you’ve seen of glamorous rooms with pristine white carpets? Well, before you put down your money on the first white carpet you find, you need to think long and hard. If you don’t, you just might end up making the following blunders when buying Beaulieu carpet flooring:

Valuing Appearance Over Function

You want Beaulieu carpet flooring that meets your style preference and complements other elements of your interior décor. You shouldn’t pick a carpet just because its eye catching. Your choice should be based on the kind of lifestyle you lead, as well as the conditions of your household.

For instance, if you have a large family with pets, buying a light, bright colored carpet may end up looking dull and worn. What you need is a heavy, stain-resistant carpet that can withstand higher amounts of traffic, much like Beaulieu’s Nyluxe® carpet.

Missing Out on the Square Footage Calculations

Calculating the square footage is not as easy as simply adding up the square footage of the rooms. There are various other things to consider, including the important details such as railing posts, closets, width of the Beaulieu carpet flooring roll, as well as the direction of the carpet pile.

Overlooking the Importance of an Underlay

Wondering why you should spend money on something you can’t even see? If it were up to most buyers, they would rather buy something they can sit back and gaze at. It’s true that an underlay is one of those things that are concealed, but not investing in one is a huge blunder.

The importance of an underlay cannot be overemphasized. Besides feeling more comfortable to walk on, an underlay absorbs the impact of foot traffic, thus saves wear and tear on your expensive carpet. Remember that your Beaulieu carpet flooring is only as good as your underlay.

If you’re considering installing Beaulieu carpet flooring in your home, be sure to talk to our experts to make sure you get the right measurements, tools, and accessories. Stop by our showroom today to choose from our attractive and durable Beaulieu carpet flooring.