Bring New Textures to Your Edmonton Home with Beaulieu Carpet Flooring

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 23rd Aug 2018

Bring New Textures to Your Edmonton Home with Beaulieu Carpet Flooring

Bring New Textures to Your Edmonton Home with Beaulieu Carpet Flooring
Carpet has changed dramatically in recent years, becoming not only a practical option for busy households, but also a beautiful textural addition to your Edmonton home décor. It’s warm, it’s luxurious, it comes in a range of colours and patterns, and when it is Beaulieu carpet flooring, it’s truly special.

If it’s time to select a carpet upgrade, or if you are building a new home, Beaulieu carpet flooring, with its unique features, is the perfect choice. Some of our favourite brands within the Beaulieu family include:

Tryesse® -- Innovate Flooring

Recent innovations in the Tryesse® brand have produced incredible softness, exceptional durability and unrivaled stain resistance. The colorfast weave comes in a variety of textures and colours that are both warm and comfortable. It's also made without chemicals, making it an ideal solution for those with allergies or families who desire an ecological choice for their floors.

Beaulieu carpet flooring is also available with ScentGuard, an exclusive odor neutralizer, and 3M Scotchgard™ Protector keeps dirt and spills from staining, making it a livable solution for "real" households. Tryesse® products are also certified Green Label Plus®, for the very highest standard in indoor air quality.

Nuluxe® -- Superior Colours and Durability

Another amazing Beaulieu carpet flooring is the Nyluxe® brand, which is “solution dyed,” which means that the colours are added in as the nylon is being manufactured, not after like most carpet brands.

This keeps colours from fading so that they retain their lustre and are the perfect solution for high traffic areas. In fact, this carpet is so durable, that it’s also a popular choice for commercial venues.

The textures available in Nyluxe® won’t wear down. The nylon fibres offer superior resiliency and bounce, and like Tryesse, this Beaulieu carpet flooring is incredibly resistant to both stains and odors.

Colour Choices to Fit Every Room in Your Edmonton Home

Whether you are looking for neutral shades because you plan to resell in a few years or you want to customize your home with your favourite colours to live with forever, you’ll surely find options to suit your taste with Beaulieu carpet flooring.

We have samples of all the Beaulieu brands. Stop in to see all the Beaulieu carpet flooring solutions, in textures and colours that will make your house the home you’ve always dreamed of.