Congoleum Flooring: Fashionable, Tough, and Inexpensive

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 15th May 2017

Congoleum Flooring: Fashionable, Tough, and Inexpensive

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring Edmonton
With experience spanning more than a century and a keen focus on quality vinyl flooring, you can rest assured that flooring perfection does not get better than Congoleum. More than a market player; Congoleum is a market leader and trendsetter, as evidenced by its use of cutting edge technologies to develop resilient, inexpensive and durable vinyl plank flooring in Edmonton for residential and commercial use. 

Why Is Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring Edmonton Your Best Flooring Option?

Congoleum vinyl comes from a proprietary selection of natural and synthetic materials which in technical terms is a combination of polymer materials. These polymers are large molecules that comprise repetitive structural units which effectively increases the strength and durability of Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Congoleum Sheet Vinyl in Edmonton

Congoleum sheet vinyl is the more versatile and edgy flooring option of the now outdated linoleum flooring. The product comes in hundreds of colours, designs, and patterns with a renewed warm, quiet and comfortable feel. Beyond the aesthetic qualities of Congoleum sheet vinyl, it has inbuilt protection from mildew and mold hence hypoallergenic. Additionally, it is easy to clean and durable.

Tile and Plank Vinyl Flooring In Edmonton

Congoleum flooring places high regard on design and execution of quality flooring options. In this spirit, Congoleum vinyl tile is specially designed to be stylish, durable and affordable. Congoleum vinyl tiles can handle even the highest traffic areas of your home. The vinyl tiles come in several options; the ovation vinyl tile that can resist breaking and cracking and the durastone vinyl tile that is easy to clean. Additionally, If you fancy a hardwood look, you have the distinctively stylish connection line vinyl plank flooring that is easy to install.

The Best Provider for Quality Flooring Options in Edmonton

Congoleum has a dedicated design and style team that comprises of the brightest minds in the industry making it the ultimate market leader. With an unmatched selection of quality vinyl flooring options to choose from, you can never have it wrong. You have the choice between four quality levels depending on your budget i.e. elite, luxury, and premium and value each delivering exceptional qualities for their price. You also have an unparalleled selection of styles; stone, naturals, woods, decoratives and geometrics as well as different patterns and colours.

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