Create a Feature Floor by Mixing Olympia Tiles in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 25th May 2018

Create a Feature Floor by Mixing Olympia Tiles in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Create a Feature Floor by Mixing Olympia Tiles in Your Kitchen or Bathroom
One of the best things about tile is its versatility, and when you let your imagination be your guide, you can create a unique and custom feature floor by mixing different colours or even styles of Olympia tiles in the kitchen or bathrooms of your Edmonton home.

Kitchen Favourites from Olympia Tiles

One of our favourites is Olympia tiles Merge Series of porcelain tiles, which are a large format (60cm x 60cm x 1.1 cm) tile that come in a collection of unglazed surfaces that allow you to mix textures and semi-polished finishes that create slight colour variations even within the same colour family. With colours like Bronze, Iridium, Platinum and Titanium, you can really get creative and mix and match for a beautifully dramatic floor. It’s a great look for an ultra-modern kitchen.

A Best for the Bath: Limestone

For the bath, we love Limestone, which Olympia tiles offers with options for polished or honed tiles that are perfect for the bathroom floor. The natural variation within the same colour family makes for an interesting combination that is sleek and beautiful, and they look great whether your bath is large or small.

There is a wide selection of colours in the honed Limestone tiles, and many of our Edmonton and area customers choose to mix and match among the available shades. You can really make your white tub and fixtures pop with a combination of Tundra Blue and Paloma (an almost white), creating a feature floor that will garner compliments every time someone enters your bath. Olympia tiles Limestone tile comes in a rectangular 40.6cm x 81.2cm x 1cm and cuts to size to fit around fixtures in your bath.

Caring for Your Feature Floor

Natural stone tiles must be sealed, and they are easy to care for, but you need to stay away from harsh cleaners and be sure to clean up any stains quickly. Water-based stone sealer forms an invisible barrier that will protect against water stains and keep your floor looking great. Porcelain tiles can be cleaned with a vinegar and water solution or a light cleaning solution. It’s a durable tile that will maintain its shine when properly cared for.

Olympia tiles has one of the widest selections of tile in North America and more than 60 years of experience manufacturing and distributing quality tile products for residential and commercial floors, walls, backsplashes and other applications. Find out more about Olympia tiles by contacting us today.