Ease Your Food Stain Worries by Using Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring in Your Kitchen

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 1st May 2018

Ease Your Food Stain Worries by Using Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring in Your Kitchen

Ease Your Food Stain Worries by Using Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring in Your Kitchen
Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a room full of activity, where meals are lovingly prepared, conversations are shared, and it’s also where the most spills happen. That's why when you are ready to install new floors in your Edmonton kitchen, you should choose Congoleum vinyl plank flooring from Flooring Superstores. It's flooring made to handle the high traffic demands and spills that are a regular part of your kitchen’s activity. Best of all, there are styles for every home, and they are not only resilient, but incredibly beautiful.

Congoleum: Since 1886

Congoleum has built its business by focusing on resilient flooring options designed for the way people live. If you have young children who spill food and drinks, pets who track in dirt and mud, or a heavy traffic kitchen full of teenagers, resilient floors are a great way to go. Congoleum vinyl plank flooring not only looks beautiful but cleans up easy and wears well.

Flooring That Can Handle Kitchen Spills

Congoleum manufactures all its resilient flooring using carefully selected polymer materials that increase strength and durability. The company offers several different lines, which you can see at both locations in Edmonton. There are flooring options and styles that will complement every décor

Congoleum vinyl plank flooring provides the real wood look without the real wood maintenance concerns or price. It’s an affordable option for your kitchen floors that makes sense for rooms where spills will occur, and they clean up with simple household products.

Caring for Your Flooring

One of the biggest benefits of Congoleum vinyl plank flooring is that it is low maintenance. Once installed, you simply need to sweep or vacuum regularly to keep dirt and food particles from dulling or scratching your floor.

When spills do occur, simply wipe them up with a damp cloth. Thorough cleaning can be done with special floor cleaners that are non-detergent based and designed for resilient flooring. Congoleum makes Bright N Easy No-Rinse Cleaner which is an easy-to-use solution that cleans and shines in one step: just spray and mop.

Choose Wisely, Choose Congoleum

Upgrading your kitchen with new Congoleum vinyl plank flooring is a great way to add value and beauty to your home and reduce maintenance requirements. Flooring Superstores in Edmonton has the area's largest selection for your vinyl plank flooring, so stop by to see all the available options from Congoleum vinyl plank flooring.