Flooring Design Secrets That Will Make Your Small Spaces Bigger and Better

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 20th Jan 2017

Flooring Design Secrets That Will Make Your Small Spaces Bigger and Better

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Have you got a room in your home that just feels small and closed up? Light wall colours, furniture placement, you name it, you've tried it and still, you just cannot seem to get the space feeling light and airy. As your Edmonton flooring store, we've got some flooring tips and design secrets that can help you make small rooms or spaces look bigger and better.

How You Can Make Small Spaces Bigger

Typical design tips for small spaces include choosing light colours for the walls, ceiling and window treatments so the room feels more open and airy. What's often overlooked is the flooring. There are a few tips with flooring choices that can greatly enhance the feeling of space in your small room.

Avoid Small Shapes or Sizes

Avoid the use of strips when using wood products. Strips are three inches wide or less and the more seams you have in your flooring, the more confining the space will appear. Opt instead for plank-style flooring which is wider than three inches or wide plank which is five inches or greater. Consider laying the flooring parallel to your longest wall to make your room appear longer.

Just as with wood flooring, if you opt for tile you should seek out tiles that are larger than the standard 12-inches. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) comes in a 16-inch width and can greatly improve the feeling of space in your room. If you install your LVT flooring without grout, the space will look even larger.

Embrace Angles

Go diagonal with your flooring installation! Whether you opt for hardwoods, laminate or LVT flooring, installing the material on the diagonal in your small space creates a unique visual effect that detracts the eye from noticing the small room. The diagonal pattern creates an appearance of a longer and wider space than traditional layouts.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

While it's wise to keep wall and ceiling colours light, a dark floor can make a room look much larger than maintaining the lightness in the floor colour choice as well. To make this design tip work, choose cool colours for your walls and decor items and install warm, dark flooring. Consider adding white crown moulding to draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of larger, higher wall spaces.

At Flooring Superstores Edmonton, we have plenty of flooring ideas to help you create the exact look you wish for any space in your home. Contact us to speak to one of our flooring experts to get even more ideas to make your small spaces bigger and better.