Hardwood Flooring Trends This Year

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 20th Dec 2019

Hardwood Flooring Trends This Year

Everything and anything has trends including flooring. All year long you may have heard more and more about hardwood. Probably because it’s become all the rage for a variety of reasons. It adds extra value to your home, it’s environmentally friendly, and creates an incredibly warm environment. Within the overall trend of hardwood flooring are mini trends that begin to take over. Here are some of the hottest hardwood flooring trends of this year.

Wide Planks

For years now people have been deciding on funky, wide hardwood planks for their flooring. These planks can even be up to 7 inches wide! Wide planks make your space appear bigger and more spacious so no wonder it was a trend picking up speed this year.

Mixed Width

Mixed width hardwood flooring makes one unique statement. If you’re looking for a way to stand out and create conversation, this trend is for you. The best thing about mixed-width is that it was created in order to utilize all the cuts of the tree more efficiently. So not only are you getting stunning floors, but you’re minimizing waste and being environmentally conscious.

Environmentally Conscious Decision Making

Being environmentally conscious is a huge trend in many aspects of life. There are many options when it comes to environmentally friendly flooring. Not only when it comes to wood, but the products for finishing and sealing the floor. Using natural oils has a positive effect on the environment while making your floors more durable while looking fabulous.

Wire Brushing

Homeowners may worry about damage showing through over time. With wire brushing, your wood’s natural character like growth rings comes through which can disguise the damage. Wire brushing is a modern way of distressing wood without leaving bumps and grooves. It results in a unique look that leaves the hardest wood behind making it durable for years to come.

Matte + Satin

Gone are the days of glimmer and gloss. Satin and matte finishes are all the rage. They are both stylish but functional not to mention easier to clean. They look new for longer and won’t show dust or scratches. If you feel like matte floors are dull, a satin finish gives you the very best balance of both trends.

Long-Lasting Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is a smart, trendy option. There may be cheaper alternatives but none of them can last 100+ years like solid hardwood can. You can sand, refinish, and change their look as much as you want as trends or your style changes. They adapt and make it possible to cater to your personal preferences.

High Variation Wood Floors

We’ve talked about a lot of trends, but one of the most unique is high variation wood. It copies the color variations found in nature. No two pieces look the same which means your space has character. There are similar color palettes and you can even mix different colors and hues for a personalized look. Whether your style is rustic or modern, there is a perfect combination of planks for you.

Keep It Simple

A trend you can get behind is simplicity. It’s not daring but still on-trend. Sticking to the same uniform planks laid out in typical fashion creates a clean and sleek look. They are less distracting and gives you a chance to get creative with other types of décor. Are you ready to change up your hardwood flooring? Contact us today!