How Luxury Vinyl Tile is Changing the Future of Flooring

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 5th Apr 2017

How Luxury Vinyl Tile is Changing the Future of Flooring

LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile in Edmonton from Carpet Superstores Edmonton
There are many things to consider when choosing new flooring for your home. To get superior appearance, quality, and durability without sacrificing one for the other, luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) is the best option for your Edmonton home. Advancements in technology have made LVT flooring practically impossible to tell apart from wood, stone, or other organic flooring – LVT can flawlessly mimic any material. Further, LVT provides a host of benefits and innovative features making it much more functional and affordable than other options, making it the fastest-selling flooring option in North America.

Stylish and Trendy Designs

Made to look and feel identical to any organic material using 3D imaging technology, LVT is the most versatile option on the market. Fully customizable planks and tiles can resemble wood, stone, or metallic materials. There are endless colours to choose from, ranging from grey to espresso, as well as custom finishes available to add personality. For example, wood can be finished with a sleek and shiny modern lacquer or a rustic, scraped texture. Choose from different flooring patterns, like classic herringbone or contemporary wide plank, to form the basis of your room’s atmosphere.

Functionality and Resilience Together

The sturdy, advanced design of LVT flooring means you do not have to worry about scratches, water-stains, or wear and tear from children and pets. The scratch and water-resistant material combined with a protective top layer will ensure your flooring maintains its luxurious appearance for years to come. Different planks come with variable wear-layer thickness options, so you can choose more or less depending on the level of foot traffic you anticipate. While being more durable, LVT has the added bonus of being much lighter and easier to manage than hardwood or stone flooring, making installation a lot easier.

The Smart Choice

LVT is a fraction of the price of hardwood or stone flooring while boasting a range of benefits. It costs less as it makes use of recycled materials and is manufactured according to Green building standards – this saves you money and is good for the environment. These materials are also much less expensive to transport, install, and maintain than wood or stone flooring. Luxury vinyl tile flooring in Edmonton is a great option for the cold winter months, as it is much warmer underfoot than stone or concrete. It is also more hygienic than porous flooring, making for easier clean up and maintenance than organic flooring. In fact, LVT only requires minimal upkeep with a damp mop to keep it clean and beautiful.

With so many types of LVT available, it is a great option for all your flooring needs. Contact us at Flooring Superstores Edmonton today to learn more about what luxury vinyl tile flooring can do for your Edmonton home.