How Stevens Omni Area Rugs Can Transform any Room in Your Home

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 19th Jun 2017

How Stevens Omni Area Rugs Can Transform any Room in Your Home

Stevens Omni Area Rugs Edmonton Are you thinking of adding a splash of color to your home without breaking the bank? Do you want to add a layer of protection to your flooring material? Stevens Omni Area Rugs are your perfect companion. With some of the best-designed rugs in Edmonton, Stevens Omni Area Rugs will bring out the best in any room.

Stevens Omni has an extensive product line including ceramic, hardwood, rugs, laminate and flooring. All Stevens Omni products are sourced from reputable producers across the world under strict quality regulations – the Area Rugs are no exception. Featuring distinctively beautiful and innovative designs, here are the benefits of Stevens Omni Area Rugs that make them the perfect complement for any room.

Instant Accents

It will only take you a minute to roll out a rug for immediate stylistic results. Additionally, you have a wide selection of colors, designs and textures to compliment or contrast décor elements in any room.


You may be attracted to the aesthetic qualities of hardwood and tile flooring. However, they do not feel as good on your feet as a quality Stevens Omni Area Rug will. Adding an area rug to your favorite sitting or standing spot will make a whole lot of difference. The comfort of a thick area rug will transform house chores and work into a hobby.

Create Warmth

Stevens Omni Area Rugs create an aura of warmth in every room. Additionally, they will insulate your hardwood or tile floor saving you money on your energy bill.

Whole Family Protection

With an active family, your floor is subject to heavy foot traffic resulting in wear and tear. Adding an area rug will not only make the floor safer for your kids and pets but also save you money on floor maintenance and repairs. No more bruised knees.


You start out with a nice warm area rug in your baby’s nursery. However, what do you when you need a rug for the play area, but you are tight on budget. Well, just roll up your area rug and move it to the other room. Such unparalleled convenience.

Do you want to transform your rooms into elegant spaces of comfort and style? Visit Flooring Superstores today and have a look at our diverse collection of the best Stevens Omni Area Rugs in Edmonton.