How to Install Your New Engineered Hardwood Flooring Using the Floating Method

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 21st Feb 2019

How to Install Your New Engineered Hardwood Flooring Using the Floating Method

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

There are so many flooring options available, but none adds charm to a house better than wood flooring. However, wood flooring can be tricky and time consuming to install. The easiest way to place down wood is to install a floating floor. Engineered hardwood flooring can easily be installed with a floating floor. Here are our recommended steps:

Trim the Door Casing

Using a flash-cut dovetail saw, trim the bottom of the door casing so that your new engineered hardwood flooring can slide underneath. Lay down a piece of foam underlayment and a small bit of flooring in order to gauge the height of the cut. Grasp the saw flat against the plank and cautiously make the cut.

Install the Underlayment

Go ahead and vacuum the room, then unfold the foam underlayment. Use a single layer to cover the entire room. Use a utility knife to trim it to fit and but the seams together, then use a duct tape to seal the seams.

Install the First Row

Place the first plank of engineered hardwood flooring with its grooved end in the corner against a spacer block. Also lay down the spacers along the starting wall. As you lay down the flooring, be sure to keep the tongues facing out. Also, be sure to cut ends against the wall. Place a spacer against the wall and take measurements from it up to the last plank you’ll install.

Install the Rest of the Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Begin each row with the piece of engineered hardwood flooring left over from the previous cut. Before putting down a plank, be sure to place spacers against side walls. Squeeze adhesive into the groove of the hardwood plank in one incessant bead, and then slide it up against the preceding row. After every 4-6 rows, make use of blue painter’s tape to keep the joints tight as the adhesive cures.

Measure for the Last Pieces

When you are in the final row, gauge the required width for the last plank and measure to a spacer laid against the wall to make up the expansion gap. If there’s any plank running across the door, you will to notch it so that it can fit inside the doorway.

There are several other steps to take when installing new engineered hardwood flooring using the floating method. If you find the installation process intimidating, be sure to ask for professional help.

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