How to Make Your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Last Longer

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 1st Mar 2020

How to Make Your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Last Longer

How to Make Your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Last Longer

Everyone wants to keep their vinyl plank flooring looking brand new as long as they possibly can. With these tips, you can keep your floor looking as good as new for years to come. Visit our experts today to get what you need to keep your vinyl plank looking new.


Use Doormats

Traffic from outside can bring sand, dirt, and other materials into your house. When these elements are brought inside, they can create unnecessary wear on your floor. By using stylish doormats, you can prevent messes and damage to your vinyl plank flooring. For extra protection from unwanted dirt and debris, you can put a mat outside the door as well.

Protect your Floors

Sturdy pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, and even coffee tables are heavy. You may want to move them at some point and will consider dragging them on the floor. Scraping these can create scratches on your floor, not to mention hurt your ears. Adding little pieces of felt under your furniture allows these items to move and glide across the floor with ease while preventing scratches and blemishes. Over time using wheels on vinyl plank flooring can also leave your floor looking worn-out. This is especially true in the places where the wheels frequently touch. If you use heavy-duty or plastic mats, you’ll be preventing unsightly damage and you’ll hardly notice they are there.


Prioritize Maintenance

It goes without saying that when you take care of something properly it lasts longer. Vinyl plank flooring is extremely low maintenance and easy to clean. Regular sweeping and the occasional mop and warm water are all it takes. 


Choose the Right Soap

Not just any cleaning solution will do on vinyl plank floors. Highly concentrated or organic detergent can have harsh effects on your flooring. They can leave a thin, greasy film on your floor which makes footsteps visible. Look for a specialty cleaner made for your floor. It might be slightly more costly, but it is worth it to keep your floors in great shape.

Do Not Steam Clean

At some point, you may want to add an extra bit of shine to your vinyl plank floors and might consider a using a steam cleaner. Avoid this thought entirely! If you’re looking to keep your floor looking great, just stick to a regular maintenance schedule with proper cleaning products. Don’t use a steam cleaner as the heat can warp your floors and certainly don’t wax, polish, or add a varnish as these things can damage your flooring.

Know Your Stains

Stains are going to happen no matter what. Everyday wear and tear will set in and you may become less aware of what you’re doing to the floor. Wipe up spills before they become stains. Most common messes, such as food and beverage spills, can be cleaned up with lukewarm water on a floor cloth or a bit of specialty cleanser. Nail polish, lipstick, ink, and even crayons or paint can be cleaned up with a bit of acetone. When it comes to the toughest of stains like gum and candle wax, wait for them to harden and carefully scrape them off.


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