How to Prevent Your Beaulieu Carpet Flooring from Rippling

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 10th Feb 2020

How to Prevent Your Beaulieu Carpet Flooring from Rippling

You love your carpet flooring. It makes your home warm, comfortable and inviting. While there are many pros to having carpet flooring there is also one unfortunate con: buckling. Buckling of carpet happens when the underside of your carpet detaches from the adhesive. This detachment leads to bubbles, wrinkles, and ripples. Ripples can be a serious tripping hazard meanwhile running your beautiful carpet. In order to keep your Beaulieu carpet flooring safe and looking good, there are a few tips you can follow.

Keep Carpet Dry

We know this can be easier said than done because life happens, but keeping your carpet dry is the best way to keep the carpet from coming loose. Be sure to clean up spills of any kind immediately with a dry towel or cloth. If the liquid is able to fully soak into the carpet it will eventually lead to buckling. When cleaning carpet turn on fans, open windows to allow excess moisture to disappear. Too much moisture from spills, improper cleaning, and floods can cause delamination which can often be solved by re-stretching, but it’s better to not cause the problem to begin with.

Choose the Right Cushioning

It’s key to have cushioning that is right for the construction of your carpet. This means having the right density and thickness especially if your carpet has a lower density and weight. Lower quality padding and even carpeting can save you money in the beginning but in the long run, it may lead to problems. Cushioning that isn’t the right density or thickness can cause the carpet to separate from the backing. If you’re not having your carpet professionally installed, ensure the backing is not wet during installation and that it is the right cushioning for you to prevent buckling.

Temperature and Humidity

When choosing carpet make sure the temperature and humidity are ideal for its installation. You should only install carpet when the room temperature is between 65 and 95 degrees. Humidity should be between 10% and 65%. Any installation with figures outside these ranges can cause your Beaulieu carpet flooring to buckle. To prevent this, let your carpet acclimate for 24 hours.

Stretch Carpet Out

Take time to stretch the carpet out. Pull the carpet tightly from each corner while installing. This gives your carpet the chance to acclimate and unwind from being rolled up. It will be easier to install and will give you a better-looking result. Skipping this step or not doing it properly increases the chance that your carpet will buckle later on.

Gently Move Furniture

When the time comes to bring furniture back into your room or eventually move furniture around, lift the furniture up. Dragging heavy furniture across the carpet can cause the separation from the adhesive strips below. It will cause the carpet to become detached in many places. If this occurs, you may have to have your carpet re-stretched or fixed altogether.

Proper Installation

One of the easiest ways to make sure your carpet doesn’t buckle is having it properly installed. There are many steps to installation that need to be completed for the best results. As we said, if the carpet isn’t stretched properly it can come loose and ripple. Manufacturing has changed and carpet is often stiffer now. This means needing proper techniques and tools to power stretch carpet. Professionals have poles and power stretchers. These tools can stretch out the carpet from wall to wall and if your manufacturers' instructions need other tools, they will have the expertise to help. If your Beaulieu carpet flooring could use a refresh, contact us today!