How to Remove Carpet Flooring Properly to Prepare for New Floors

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 9th Aug 2019

How to Remove Carpet Flooring Properly to Prepare for New Floors

Replacing old carpet flooring with new flooring? Even if you’re having a professional contractor install new hardwood, tile, or vinyl plank flooring, it might be a smart move to remove the old carpet yourself. This will not only save you a bit of money, but it will also ensure that the subfloor is prepared to good standards. The following are the steps to take:

1. Remove Swinging Doors and Furniture

Before you start tearing up the old carpet, remove any swinging doors, as well as bifold closet doors. Then remove all the furniture as you will need access to the entire floor. Place the furniture outside or to adjacent rooms.

2. Pull Up the Carpet

Using pliers, grip the fibers at the edge of the carpet and pull. Then take hold of the carpet flooring by hand and keep on pulling it up along the entire wall. Fold it back about three-feet.

3. Cut the Carpet Into Strips

Using a sharp utility knife, cut the carpet into manageable strips, i.e. rolls that you can be able to lift and move. Note that it’s easier to cut the carpet from the back than from the front. When cutting the carpet, you should be careful not to cut into walls, grooves or baseboards. To prevent damage, you should either lift the carpet away from the subfloor as you slice, or take it out in larger pieces and slice it up outside.

4. Take Out the Tack Strips

Take out the tack strips and wedge the pry bar (flat bar) beneath the tack strip. You should also pull up staples left from the underlay. Be sure to have eye protection and gloves when doing this.

5. Repair and Clean the Subfloor

If there’s any damage to the subfloor, be sure to repair it to ensure that there are no squeaks or any other flaws. Vacuum or sweep the subfloor as necessary to get rid of debris and dirt left by the old carpet. You can lay out a stain-blocking primer to stop old stains from finding their way to the new carpet. Apply paint around the bottom of door frames and on baseboards. Wait until the paint dries before installing new carpet flooring.

Put a New Feeling in Your Home

Replacing the flooring in your home can be a huge project but worth it to add a new feeling to your home. No matter the type of flooring you decide to add we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more and to choose from our huge selection of flooring.