How to Use Grout to Accessorize Your Ames Tile Flooring

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 1st Jul 2018

How to Use Grout to Accessorize Your Ames Tile Flooring

How to Use Grout to Accessorize Your Ames Tile Flooring
The most beautiful homes in Edmonton rely on Ames tile flooring for beautiful floors and accent walls. Selecting the right colour, texture and style of tile is important, but that's just the first step. There are dozens of different grout options, which can add to the decorative effect of your Ames tile flooring, whether it's installed on your floors or as a backsplash.

Your Grout is an Accent Colour

In the simplest of terms, grout works not only to secure tile in place, but as a contrasting accent that makes your Ames tile flooring or wall tiles pop. It’s an inexpensive way to add colour to a kitchen or bath without choosing a bold tile that may overwhelm your space.

For example:

  • Light Grey grout looks clean and crisp with a white subway tile backsplash but consider how different that same space would look with an earthy Tuscan Clay, subtle blue-grey River Stone, or true-blue Denim Colourgrout. Pick your favourite colours and see what a difference it makes.

Consider the Size of Your Space

When dealing with a smaller space, you may instinctively think a lighter tile is best, but you can create beautiful bathrooms with Ames tile flooring in Deep Blue, Navy, Mint and Green tiles. All these bold selections look amazing with a range of different grout choices: from classic Ivory or toned-down Bone to a creamy Cornsilk. While the tones are similar, the results with a bold tile are unique and dramatic.

Think About Maintenance

When it comes to choosing a grout colour for your Ames tile flooring, you need to consider how often you will need to clean. The nature of grout, with its natural grooves, can make it a magnet for crumbs, pet hair and general daily dirt. You can cut down on the look of dirty floors and add drama at the same time by selecting a darker grout, whether that’s Gunmetal Grey, Cocoa or even Black to accent your Ames tile flooring.

An Inexpensive Change

Today there are products on the market that make it possible to change the colour of your existing grout, and for Ames tile flooring, we recommend a product called Rejuvenation Grout, which applies directly over your existing grout, to give a fresh new look with minimal expense.

Whether you are renovating or simply updating, come visit us to see all your options of Ames tile flooring, and choose creative grout options for home looks that fit your personality and style.