How to Use Modular Carpet Tile like an Interior Designer

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 4th Jul 2017

How to Use Modular Carpet Tile like an Interior Designer

How to Use Modular Carpet Tile like an Interior Designer
Modular carpet tile is the idea you wish you had sooner. The design and décor possibilities unlocked by this one innovation are limitless. Modular carpet tiles are not only versatile but also easy to install, clean, customize and have fun with. The good thing is that you do not have to hire or be an interior designer to achieve something spectacular. There is no right or wrong design. It is only a matter of what patterns and color combinations work best for your Edmonton home. Here are some ideas to light up your creative side.

Go Bold

Use your Modular Carpet Tile to make a fashion statement. Find a pattern or a solid color that speaks to you and grabs your attention. Mix and match the pattern or color to define your own great style.

Explore Subtle Patterns

If you only want to arouse subtle attention, a neutral-toned monochromatic stripe will help you achieve that. Lay the stripes in alternating directions to get a checkerboard appeal without overpowering the overall home décor.

Three-Tile Checkerboard

Start by selecting a color or pattern that you really like as the anchor. Lay it out like a normal checkerboard but leave out a gap to be taken by the two other complimentary patterns or colors.

The Power of Six

Pick out the six favorite colors from your kid's nursery or playroom theme and create an imaginative and fun flooring from your young ones.

Use Patterns to Create Bigger Patterns

Instead of placing patterns in uniform flow, use the patterns to create larger new patterns that are more appealing. How artistic and imaginative can you be?

Triangular patterns

Use a utility knife to cut your Modular Carpet Tiles diagonally into Triangles. Mix and match triangles of different colors and patterns to create a distinctive, unique floor.

Play With Texture

Carpet tiles come in a variety of textures and colors. Therefore, use tiles of different textures to define specific areas around your home e.g. hallway and sitting area

Go classic

If you like things simpler and more reserved, feel free to use one color from wall to wall.

You do not have to be an interior designer to create an aura of elegance and style. Contact Flooring Superstores Edmonton today to explore quality modular carpet flooring options and create a space you can brag to your friends about.