Installing Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 17th Feb 2017

Installing Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Laminate Flooring in Edmonton from Carpet Superstores Edmonton
With easy-click laminate flooring, you have the opportunity for your newest DIY project! With a few simple steps, you can truly own your own renovation and build yourself a beautiful new floor within one day.


The first step to preparing your room for the new laminate floor is to remove all furniture, boards, and trim. Next, remove all of the old flooring and thoroughly vacuum the subfloor to remove excess dust and dirt.

Laying the Moisture Barrier

To begin laying the new floor, cover the subfloor with a moisture barrier of plastic sheeting. If you need to use multiple sheets, ensure that you overlap sheets by 6 inches and secure the connections with duct tape. At the walls, tape the sheeting two inches above the floor using painters tape.

Laying the Laminate

Now to laying the laminate! The laminate floor rows should allow for some expansion, so place small cuts of laminate up against the wall, and begin your first row snugly placed against these. This ensures the laminate will be about a quarter of an inch away from the walls. When you reach the other side, make sure to also leave a quarter of an inch of space. Begin each subsequent row with the smaller pieces remaining from trimming the previous row, to ensure even spacing of joints. The rows fit together by placing them together at an angle, and then flattening them out. You can then use a piece of soft wood to tap the rows into a snug position. When you reach the last row, trim the laminate lengthwise to fit the remaining area. It may be a good idea to plan carefully where you would like the final row to be.

Finishing Up

Finally, remove the spacers between the wall and reinstall your baseboards to cover the space left for expansion and the excess moisture barrier. Your brand new, beautiful, and durable laminate floor will now be ready for you to set up your home again!

Now that you know all the benefits of laminate and how easily you can make it happen, there is nothing standing in your way of an affordable, high-quality laminate floor invigorating your home. Contact us or visit us at Flooring Superstores Edmonton, we will be happy to guide you to the product that best suits your needs.