Keep Your Beautiful Beaulieu Carpet Flooring Looking Sharp

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 16th Sep 2019

Keep Your Beautiful Beaulieu Carpet Flooring Looking Sharp

A bright, fresh new carpet is a sight to behold. You may put your best foot forward to keep your carpets looking clean and brand new, but eventually, life happens. Carpet is a feature in many homes and over time it can begin to look less than its best. You can’t always prevent dirty shoes, spills, and accidents so how do you keep your Beaulieu carpet flooring looking beautiful?

Don't Rub Stains

It can be very tempting to spray your carpet with a solution and begin to rub the stain away. Try to resist! Blotting stains with cleaning solution and a clean cloth puts a smaller amount of pressure onto the stain. This means your cleaning solution gets directly where it needs to go in order to remove the stain. Additionally, only blot inward to avoid making the stain larger. Rubbing stains spreads particles further around the carpet and the pressure can cause premature breakdowns of carpet fibers. Blotting rather than rubbing will allow you to get rid of the stain and help your Beaulieu carpet last longer.

Use Dishwashing Detergent

Grease stains are unsightly and often difficult to remove. Dishwashing detergent cuts the grease from your dishes so, of course, it can do the same to your carpet. Add a few drops to a cup of water and use the same dabbing procedure. Alternatively, you can add the solution to a squirt bottle and spray it directly onto the stain. Repeat until the stain is gone!

Reach for the Peroxide

Blood is one of the most obvious carpet stains and one of the most difficult to get rid of. Suffering a paper cut doesn’t mean having to sacrifice a nice carpet. Before using peroxide, be sure to dampen the stain with water mixed with mild detergent. Remove as much of the blood you can by scraping lightly not to damage the fibers. Apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain. When it begins to bubble and foam, begin dabbing the spot to remove the stain and dry the carpet.

Don't Forget the Pet Stains

Accidents happen even with the best, well-trained pets. With children or pets running around, it’s often best to choose more organic solutions to avoid chemicals. Organic cleaners are eco-friendly and can also be used to remove other types of stains including coffee. These types of cleaners may require more scrubbing than other cleaning solutions. Simply spray onto the stain and wipe up with cloth or towels.

The Secret Fix

Many people may not know that shaving cream can remove just about any stain that appears on your Beaulieu carpet! Apply your chosen shaving cream directly to the stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, blot with a clean cloth. Finish the stain removal process by spraying one-part white vinegar mixed with one-part water and wipe away with a cloth.

Deep Clean

Cleaning your carpet is necessary to keeping it looking new. Steam cleaning allows the solution to be injected deeper into the carpet. This allows for removal of dirt and debris further into the carpet. Water penetrates all the way down the fibers so by removing oil, soil, and other deposits, your carpet will be looking better than ever.

Liven Up Your Carpet

Over time your carpet may become a little too lived in for your liking but taking care of it is essential. Whether you need spot removal or a deep clean, there are many ways to liven up your Beaulieu carpet flooring. Need help with your carpet? Flooring Superstore Edmonton can help.

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