Kraus Carpet: Stylish, Classic, and Priced Fairly

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 27th Jul 2017

Kraus Carpet: Stylish, Classic, and Priced Fairly

Kraus Carpet: Stylish, Classic, and Priced Fairly
With age, comes wisdom – bundled with experience, expertise, and perfection. This is Kraus Flooring for you. When you are looking for quality and reliable flooring solutions for residential or commercial use, Kraus is your ultimate brand. Operating since 1959, Kraus Flooring has the most diverse collection of flooring options to meet your every need.

Quality Carpets at Fair Prices

As one of the largest integrated carpet and flooring manufacturers and distributors in Canada, Kraus Carpet has the highest quality carpet selection. At Flooring Superstores, you are guaranteed of impeccable quality Kraus carpets at pocket-friendly prices to complement your style and add life to your residential or commercial space.

Commercial Kraus Carpets

A good boardroom carpet transforms your Edmonton commercial space into a comfortable, people-friendly environment that encourages productivity. With an unmatched, selection of styles, types of construction and textures, Kraus Carpet is the perfect carpet for you. In addition to adding a touch of style and class to your commercial space, Kraus carpets will retain their beauty and comfy appeal for many years after installation.

Residential Kraus Carpets

The carpet sets the tone for your home decor. If you are a first-time homeowner or looking to add a touch of class to your Edmonton home, Kraus flooring has you covered. Kraus residential carpets offer reliable comfort whether you are a retired couple, highly active family with kids or a passionate pet lover. Kraus residential carpet is made with Anson-Caress nylon that is luxurious, soft and durable. With very minimal maintenance, your Kraus carpet will retain its splendor for many years on end.

Resilient Carpets in Edmonton

Kraus Carpets are fade free and will not change color due to sunlight exposure. Additionally, with added strength from face fiber and secondary backing they will withstand daily life wear and tear.

If you are prone to spills and messy mishaps, Kraus Carpets are your perfect solution. Gentle blotting will easily remove all stains and messes allowing your carpet to remain beautiful for longer.

Kraus Warranty

  • Lifetime stain-proof – no exceptions
  • 10-year anti-shock
  • 10-year fade & fuzz free

A good quality carpet will improve the aesthetic qualities of your home and your Indoor Air Quality. As your ultimate flooring partner in Edmonton, trust Flooring Superstores to provide you with quality, great prices on Kraus carpets for commercial and residential use. Contact us today to learn more.