Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring vs Sheet Vinyl: Which is a Better Choice?

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 1st Nov 2020

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring vs Sheet Vinyl: Which is a Better Choice?

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring vs Sheet Vinyl: Which is a Better Choice?

If you’re considering vinyl for your next house renovation, or newly constructed home, it helps to understand the range of vinyl flooring products in the market. Luxury vinyl tile flooring and sheet vinyl are excellent choices for your home. However, how do these products compare each other? Which vinyl flooring is ideal for you? Contact us to learn more!


While sheet vinyl comes with a fixed pattern for a single continuous lay, you can use it to achieve a stone finish, ceramic tile finish, and wooden planks. What’s more, you can get a unique, non-repeating pattern. 

However, luxury vinyl tile flooring is the best for creating a ceramic and stone finish because it forms seams between the pieces. Vinyl tiles are also excellent for combining patterns, finishes, and colours. 


While sheet and vinyl tiles have the same vinyl appearance, they differ in measurements, which affects the aesthetics of your floors. Sheet vinyl comes in large, printed parts, usually around 6 and 12 feet. Each piece is relatively bulky to handle and gives your floor a continuous pattern. 

Since the rolls are large, mixing patterns and colours on your floor is challenging, if not previously printed that way. However, luxury vinyl tiles come in 9 to 12 inches, which makes creativity much easier. 

In terms of general appearance, luxury vinyl products give a more convincing appeal. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is thicker, which helps it mimic stone and wood better. If you’re on the hunt for an appealing texture and feel, luxury vinyl tile flooring is a wiser option.

Water Resistance 

While vinyl products offer excellent resistance to water, sheet vinyl performs better than luxury vinyl tile flooring. Sheet vinyl covers large areas continuously, which prevents water from penetrating. Vinyl tiles have seams where water can creep into. 

For moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, sheet vinyl is a better choice. You need only ensure that all edges at the walls are secure and that you seal all adjoining pieces perfectly. 

Durability and Resistance

While vinyl floors are durable, luxury vinyl tile flooring is more durable than sheet vinyl. The differences start in the manufacturing process. Vinyl tiles’ layers are better bonded and perform better than large, printed vinyl sheets. Also, luxury vinyl tiles are up to five times thicker, which helps them resist wear and tear. 

Cost of Damages 

While vinyl floors can last more than ten years, sometimes damage may occur. In case of damages, luxury vinyl tile flooring is easier to replace. Whether on a glued or floating floor, you can remove a few vinyl tile pieces, replace the damaged ones, and lay all the pieces back. 

For sheet vinyl, you have to either replace the entire floor or cut out the damaged part. This process is complicated and laborious. However, in the short term, sheet vinyl overall costs less than luxury vinyl tile flooring. 

Which Type of Vinyl Flooring Is Right for You?

Both sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile flooring have benefits and downsides. It’s best to consider both products’ cost, durability, and function before making a choice. Ask our expert flooring consultants all of your vinyl questions and make an educated decision. Visit us today or contact us online to get your questions answered!