Myth Busting: Debunking Common Carpet Allergy Myths

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 25th May 2016

Myth Busting: Debunking Common Carpet Allergy Myths

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Do you harbour a secret longing to glide across a cushioned and soft floor or to feel your toes sink into lush carpet, yet fear the backlash you'll get for installing something that's as bad for your allergies as carpet is known to be? Have no fear! At Flooring Superstores Edmonton, we have been on a mission to save soles everywhere from hard floors and now we're back to start debunking common carpet allergy myths. We've done our research and in true myth busting fashion, we have the truth about the top five carpet myths.

Myth 1- Carpeting emits gases in stealth mode, secretly triggering allergy attacks and certain death!

Ok, we may have overstated the myth just a little, but what people are referring to are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), that are harmful gases released into the air by cooking, furniture, household cleaning products and building materials. The fact is, carpet has some of the lowest figures when it comes to VOCs, meaning it's safer than other flooring types.

Myth 2- Carpet is terrible for people with allergies and asthma.

Very definite and often delivered with crossed arms to emphasize the point, but so very wrong! Scientists have been doing some heavy duty research and have concluded that since dust and other airborne particulates get trapped in the carpet fibers, carpet actually makes the air cleaner and helps you breathe better.

Myth 3- There's no way to get rid of the dust and dirt trapped in your rug without spreading it around!

This one is often slung at you when you talk about the mad scientists from Myth 2. That's okay, we're ready for it! Today's vacuum cleaners are proven to have a significant effect on indoor air quality and can suck up and hold dust and dirt like nobodies' business. Myth debunked!

Myth 4- You can never vacuum enough to get rid of the allergens!

No need to say that this will come soon after talking about today's vacuums and their superpowers. We can't help you get away from some work with this one, but frequent vacuuming will keep dust and dirt from settling under the pile where it's harder to remove and steam cleaning every year or so will kill off anything you didn't get before. The short version: Vacuuming regularly will make sure you beat the carpet allergy myths.

Myth 5- Carpet causes mould and that makes anyone sick, not just people with allergies!

Unless you're growing mould for sport or using your carpet to cover up a major spill, you'll be just fine. Tell these naysayers that carpets don't cause mould, moisture does. The fact is, if you have moisture issues, anything you use as flooring will be susceptible to mould growth.

There you have it, the top five carpet allergy myths debunked and ammunition for your cause. Be free to enjoy the luxurious feel of carpet while breathing easier and not having to buy shares in a tissue factory. Contact us today and speak to a member of our Flooring Superstores Edmonton team to find out more about carpet and the truth about it.