Not Just for Renters: Carpet Tile

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 11th May 2016

Not Just for Renters: Carpet Tile

Not Just for Renters: Carpet Tile
Who in their right minds would install carpet tile other than landlords with renters? Savvy homeowners, that's who! While rental property owners have recognized the benefits to carpet tile for a long while, new options are making them desirable for Edmonton homeowners as well. By the time we finish filling you in on the benefits to these versatile floor coverings, you'll be creating layouts and choosing colours for your home!

Improved Carpet Tile for Your Home

If the very idea of carpet tile brings to mind that dull, industrial charcoal grey, banish that thought immediately! With companies like Shaw creating products like their "Colour at Work Collection", there are tons of colours to choose from that can match any style or decor. While this carpet floor isn't thick and plush like luxury carpeting, it is highly durable and ideal for many applications where standard carpet is not a great choice. With easy installation using either full spread glue or Shaw's LokDots™ for those who wish to virtually eliminate VOCs, these tiles are awesome for areas prone to spills or other disasters since you can replace one tile if needed rather than the whole floor.

Design Possibilities Using Carpet Tile

When you want a softer floor covering but do not want to be limited by colour choices, carpet tile is an excellent choice to brighten up any Edmonton home's living spaces. With a wide variety of options in colour and style, your floor space becomes a blank canvas where you can unleash your inner artist and mix colours to create a look that's uniquely yours. Variegated squares, long lean lines with splashes of colour or timeless chevron patterns are just a few examples of looks you can create.

Great Places to Use Carpet Tile

Since you can get this versatile flooring in a variety of materials such as polyester, polypropylene and nylon, there's really no limit to where it can be installed. To help you see their benefits though, we'll give you two great ideas:

  • Playrooms for kids- nobody can make a mess like a kid can and some things are just not rug-friendly. (Think grape juice.) With the ease of cleaning and option to replace a single tile rather than the whole carpet, you can provide
  • Playrooms for adults- The tight construction and durability make these tiles a great choice for stabilizing pool tables and table tennis setups so you can let loose and play your best game without tripping hazards or slipping.

Were we right? Are you planning your layout and installation? If you'd like to see how we decided to lay our carpet tiles in our Edmonton office or you're ready to choose your own colours, stop in and see us or contact us today!