Protect Your Luxury Vinyl Tile from the Strains of Heavy Furniture

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 20th Apr 2020

Protect Your Luxury Vinyl Tile from the Strains of Heavy Furniture

Protect Your Luxury Vinyl Tile from the Strains of Heavy Furniture

Everyone loves the look of brand-new floors, completely void of blemishes and shining bright. But how can you keep your vinyl tile flooring looking like new for months or even years? Over time heavy pieces of furniture can begin to make indentations and you may be tempted to rearrange your room. Dragging furniture can create scratches and unsightly scuffing. You may feel like some rooms are safer than others from this type of aging but no matter what the room, there are easy ways to preserve the flooring and keep it looking great. Contact us today for vinyl tile options.

Choose the Right Floor

When choosing new flooring, consider the place where you are installing it. Many types of modern flooring options are designed to handle heavy furniture and high-volume traffic. Meanwhile, others are meant to be comfortable, provide extra padding, and are more stylish rather than durable. Research your flooring before installation and ask yourself if it will live up to the wear and tear of your life.

Self-Adhesive Pads

One of the most inexpensive ways to protect your vinyl tile flooring is a self-adhesive felt pad. They can be attached to the bases of many types of furniture. They come in a variety of thicknesses and styles to suit your needs. They minimize noise and allow you to move furniture across vinyl tile flooring with ease. One thing to note: they are simple to install but can collect dirt and grime over time making the adhesive lose its hold.

Specialty Glides

Glides work similar to adhesive pads but contain a metal rivet. Due to the metal rivet they must be hammered into the base of your furniture rather than simply stuck to the base. They can only be attached to furniture made of real wood such as table and chair legs. Glides are useful in preventing scrapes and scuffs of your vinyl tile flooring and can aid with moving heavier pieces of furniture.

Furniture Pads

Protection pads are a simple way to prevent the wear and tear caused by furniture. They are often made of felt, plastic, or rubber and can prevent indents caused by the weight of heavier items. They also help prevent scratches and scuffs when you need to move your furniture. There are many types of furniture protection pads on the market so it’s important to know the specific type you will need based on the furniture’s weight and material.

Other Ways to Prevent Damage

Vinyl tile flooring can be scratched, torn, or damaged over time due to many different things. One of them is the overall condition of your furniture. Is there a loose piece of wood? A sliver? Something small you may not notice can cause damage as you move it across the floor. Changing a furniture pad or glide is much easier and cheaper than having to replace damaged areas of the floor.

Extra protection can be applied with heavier pieces of furniture and appliances with non-staining surface protectors that cover large areas. Rubber should be avoided because it can stain your vinyl tile flooring over time. If surface protectors don’t sound like an option, utilize area rugs & doormats. They can keep dirt, debris, and prevent indentation but be sure they don’t have a latex or rubber back which can cause damage.

Keep Your Floor Looking Great

The very best way to keep your flooring looking great is by preventing unnecessary damage. When it comes to preventing dings and dents, use protective measures and if at all possible, always lift heavy items when moving them. If your vinyl tile flooring is looking less than perfect, contact us today!