Quality Craft Laminate Flooring: Innovators in Home Improvement for Over 30 Years

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 15th Mar 2017

Quality Craft Laminate Flooring: Innovators in Home Improvement for Over 30 Years

Quality Craft Laminate Flooring from Carpet Superstores Edmonton
Quality Craft flooring is an innovative leader in home improvement through their durable and stylish flooring, perfect for any room in your house. Quality Craft chooses the best product lines to represent and distribute around the country and into your home. Quality Craft proudly displays a large range of robust laminate flooring that is perfect for high-traffic areas in your home.

Quality Craft Laminate Flooring Products

Quality Craft represents the highest quality laminate flooring available. Their commitment to providing the best flooring starts with representation of the best brands that have easy installation and are made from stylish and durable materials. This high degree of particularity has allowed Quality Craft to be innovative for over 30 years. To this end, Quality Craft helps with the branding, distribution and selling of top brands such as Admira, EcoSlate and Coastal Estates.

Four Layers of Durability

Quality Craft laminate flooring is constructed to give you a flooring that lasts. At the bottom is the backing of your laminate. This layer provides all the structural sturdiness for your floor, and provides 100% waterproofing for your house underneath. Next is the core, this layer you walk on – this is made of high-density fiberboard that is specially treated to increase hardness. Next is the photogenic layer, a high-resolution image of hardwood. This affords you the opportunity to customize the appearance of your floor to look like ash, hickory, walnut, hickory, or maple. Lastly, the wear layer seals the aesthetic layer beneath, while providing protection against wear and tear.

Ease of Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning your laminate floor, less is more. Your flooring will not need any treatment with soaps or oils and mopping your floor is unnecessary. Instead, a weekly routine of sweeping and spot-cleaning as necessary will keep your floor looking brand new. For big messes or stains, Edmonton Flooring Superstores sells a variety of cleaning products specific for laminate flooring. In order to keep your floor in perfect condition, we recommend applying felt pads to the bottom of your furniture.


Quality Craft’s confidence in their products is mirrored in the warranties that they offer. Their products are guaranteed not to be stained by food or drink. Furthermore, Quality Craft’s flooring’s top layer will not be worn away through normal wear, or sunlight due to its high UV resistant layer.

For 30 years, Quality Craft has worked hard to provide quality flooring to your home. It’s aesthetic beauty, durability, and long warranty gives you the peace of mind to choose flooring and know that it will remain perfect for your home for years to come. For expert advice about Quality Craft laminate flooring from a flooring consultant, contact us at Flooring Superstores Edmonton today!