Reasons Hardwood Flooring is a Clear Winner Against Carpet

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 1st Jul 2020

Reasons Hardwood Flooring is a Clear Winner Against Carpet

Reasons Hardwood Flooring is a Clear Winner Against Carpet

When you’re weighing new flooring options, you may find yourself trying to decide between carpet and hardwood flooring. One important thing to consider is how the flooring is going to last not to mention look over time. No matter what type you choose, new flooring is going to look great after installation, but what about when life sets in? What type of flooring is going to suit your life best? Here are a few reasons why hardwood flooring is a clear winner over carpet. Contact us to learn more.


Carpet flooring tends to hold on to allergens and keep them out of the air. While that may sound positive, they collect dust, hair, skin cells, and other allergens that can lead to eye irritation and respiratory problems over time. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, won’t have those issues as long as they are swept often. Maintaining a clean hardwood floor will ensure irritating particles don’t spring into the air.  

No Professional Cleaning 

Even if you take care of your carpet by vacuuming it every day, it will still need professional cleaning at some point. Maybe even once or twice a year. This is because dirt is easily tracked onto the carpet which isn’t the case for hardwood flooring. In areas where heavy traffic occurs on carpet is very obvious and requires much more extensive cleaning than the simple sweeping that hardwood floors need.  

Ease of Cleaning 

Not needing an annual professional cleaning isn’t the upside of maintaining hardwood flooring. Spilled liquids are much easier to clean off wood flooring than they are carpet. Of course, both require swift action to prevent the wood and carpet from absorbing the liquid. Unfortunately, with carpet, there is much more risk of damage to the carpet itself and the padding underneath. It can eventually make the carpet separate from the backing that holds the carpet down causing more issues. On a regular basis, all hardwood floors need is to be swept. Simple! 

Length of Use 

Carpet typically lasts around 10 years, which is coincidentally length of the warranty. After 10 years it just begins to look unsightly, worn, and outdated which means you’ll need to replace it. Hardwood has a “finish” warranty that lasts about 25-30 years longer than carpet. Additionally, the warranty can often be transferred to a new homeowner. It may be more of an investment, but it is an investment that lasts much longer.  

Resale Value 

Hardwood flooring is classic and timeless. It has always been in style, and many home buyers would prefer to buy homes with hardwood than carpet. Home buyers love hardwood because it is more eco-friendly and durable. They are willing to invest in homes with flooring that is functional and stylish. 

A Clear Choice 

Hardwood flooring has numerous advantages over carpet, making it a clear winner in a head to head comparison.  If you are thinking about replacing the carpet in your home, come talk to us! Our flooring consultants will help you choose the perfect hardwood for your home.