Rejuvenate Your Summer Patio with Olympia Tiles

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 23rd Jul 2018

Rejuvenate Your Summer Patio with Olympia Tiles

Rejuvenate Your Summer Patio with Olympia Tiles
It’s the best time of year for outdoor living, and if you’re ready to make your outdoor space truly special, Olympia tile is a product you need to consider. Patios take a beating from Edmonton weather – from the extreme winter cold to our summer heat, traditional concrete can crack and begin to look worn and tired.

Olympia tile will not only help to rejuvenate your patio, but it will also help your patio withstand the elements.

Versatile and Strong

Outdoor Olympia tiles are designed for outdoor use and made to hold up to the elements. They come in variety of colours and styles, and they are so easy to install. You’ll have your new patio ready for a party in no time!

What Type of Material Should You Choose?

When looking for a tile to install outside, avoid ceramic and slate. They are simply not strong enough for our wild Edmonton weather. Instead, choose a tile made of solid stone, like quartz, granite, slate, marble or limestone. Porcelain is also an excellent choice, and Olympia tile offers colour options that range from neutral beiges to colourful blues and greens, so you can customize your patio based on your personal preferences.

If you’ve ever slipped on a tile floor, you know how dangerous that can be. Choosing the wrong material for an outdoor patio will make your space a danger zone. Textured tiles with a slip-resistant surface are a necessity outdoors, so look for an abrasive surface with a bit of grit. The bigger the tile, the better, and the rougher the surface, the less problems you’ll have.

Select a Hard Tile for Best Results

Outdoor tile is not only exposed to the weather, but also to the potential for tree limbs or other objects to drop onto their surface. Select a hard surface tile that won’t crack if someone drops a heavy object onto it. As stated above, natural stone materials are the best choice for outdoor installation.

Ask an Expert

The professionals at Flooring Superstores Edmonton can help you choose the patio tile that is right for your needs. Whether you want to tile a threshold or complete an entire patio project, we have the Olympia tile that is right for you. Stop in today to see all the fabulous Olympia tile selections available for rejuvenating your outdoor patio.