Tarkett Linoleum Flooring: Industry Leaders in High Quality, Sustainable Floors

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 15th Jun 2017

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring: Industry Leaders in High Quality, Sustainable Floors

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton
Quality flooring is an essential part of every home in Edmonton. In addition to adding aesthetic qualities to your home, quality flooring will also raise the overall value of the home. The question is, among the many flooring brands available in Edmonton which of them has the best quality flooring for your Edmonton home and what makes it the best brand?

Tarkett flooring Edmonton stands proud as an unmatched producer of quality flooring in Edmonton. As one of the first producers of Linoleum Flooring, Tarkett continues to push the boundaries of quality flooring. With the outstanding Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton, Tarkett is helping you achieve a high-quality floor that is environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family in every room.

Tarkett Environmentally Friendly Linoleum Flooring

When you think of flooring, do you automatically think of the number of trees it takes to deliver that perfect flooring? Well, as the first company in Europe to implement the cradle to cradle principles, you can be sure that all Tarkett products are made with environmental impact in mind. Aided by a closed loop design process, Tarkett produces high-quality flooring that contributes to a good environment at all steps of their lifecycle. This is the foundation of the Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton.

Natural Biodegradable Material

For every environmentally conscious resident of Edmonton, you will be pleased to note that Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton is produced from all natural, biodegradable raw materials which encourage reuse and recycling, thereby translating to zero wastage of materials.

Innovative Design Solutions

It is true that you and your family interact with the floor more than any other part of your Edmonton home. As such, comfort, safety and aesthetics are important qualifying factors for your flooring of choice.

Promoting Good Health for You and Your Family

In addition to most of Tarkett products, Linoleum Flooring is FloorScore certified for high-quality IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). It is produced with low to no VOC water based inks, is mold and mildew deterrent, hypo-allergenic and slip-resistant.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton is incredibly eco-effective offering unparalleled ease of installation and maintenance. You only need light cleaning by sweeping or vacuuming which means less use of chemicals that can harm your family and the environment.

Resilient Flooring Edmonton

If you are worried that environmental awareness may compromise durability and lifespan of your Tarkett Flooring, Linoleum Flooring Edmonton offers a lifespan of 20-40 years. With properties similar to hardwood and ceramic, Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton is more durable than vinyl.

Wholesome Value

In addition to offering unmatched aesthetics and comfort, you can easily reinstall or reuse Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton in any room and it can also be recycled into other products including luxury vinyl.

If you are looking for an established flooring brand that is keen on quality, environmental preservation and overall customer value, look no further than Tarkett Linoleum Flooring Edmonton. Contact us today to learn more.