The Good and The Bad of Lino Flooring

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 22nd Nov 2016

The Good and The Bad of Lino Flooring

Lino Flooring from Carpet Supertores Edmonton
Linoleum is an excellent flooring choice when you want the look of wood, tile or perhaps unique colour combinations, yet don't want the hard and unforgiving surface those materials provide. Known as resilient flooring, linoleum is more flexible and provides a softer surface that bounces back from indentation, unlike wood or tile floors. Like any other building material, there are good and bad traits to lino flooring for your Edmonton home.

What's Good About Linoleum Flooring?

For active Edmonton households, lino flooring solves many issues that traditional flooring styles can't. Linoleum is very resistant to water, with seams that are glued down so water is unable to get to the sub flooring to cause damage. For high traffic areas, this flooring choice is highly durable and resists scuff and scratches very well. Also an eco-friendly choice in flooring, lino is versatile and easy to cut and install so many variations in design can also be chosen. With regular sweeping and light mopping, linoleum flooring is easy to maintain and can last more than 40 years when well taken care of, making it an affordable choice for Edmonton families.

The Flipside of Lino

Every product has its share of points that may have less appeal to some people. We're not afraid to admit, even linoleum has a few, but we'll be up front and share them with you so you can make an informed decision. When it's first installed and for a few weeks after, there's the possibility that the flooring will give off the scent of linseed oil. The smell is not harmful at all and does dissipate after a couple weeks, but it's best if you know ahead of time that it can happen.

If your flooring is going to be under direct sunlight continually, there is a chance the linoleum may discolour slightly. It can take on an amber tone, so it's important to discuss the location of your flooring and sun exposure with your flooring experts. As with all softer flooring types, your lino may be subject to tears if heavy furniture or objects are dragged across it without protection. Most flooring would likely have some damage under the same circumstances, so normal precautions should be taken.

Find the Lino Flooring Perfect for Your Home

Brace yourself because you will need to make plenty of time to shop for your new flooring because linoleum comes in so many colours, patterns and textures that it's going to be tough to choose!

Come and see the amazing selection of lino flooring we have in stock at Flooring Superstores Edmonton. Pack a lunch, you might be here a while! Contact us today and start searching for the lino flooring you've been dreaming of!