The Top 10 Style Choices for Hardwood Flooring

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 9th Nov 2016

The Top 10 Style Choices for Hardwood Flooring

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With the wide variety of colours and styles available in hardwood, you have more options than ever before. Something as simple as the texture you choose can create a unique look for your decor that sets your home apart from others. The most important factor when choosing a style of hardwood flooring for your Edmonton home is to choose something you really love so you aren't stuck with a trendy look that over time begins to wear on you. Here are the top ten style choices for hardwood flooring.

1. Classic

Hardwood flooring for your Edmonton home in the classic style is a look that is always in style. This traditional styling features either a smooth or open grain texture and is perfect for any room.

2. Shaded Hardwood

Shading creates a two-tone effect that works with the natural wood shading to create a more dramatic effect. You'll see that the enhanced colours and smooth finish play off the light beautifully with this hardwood flooring.

3. Flecked

Traditionally used on white oak, Europeans use this technique to enhance natural curves in wood, creating a look that suggests flow.

4. Antiquing

When you choose antiquing for your hardwood flooring, no two boards will be the same. This style of flooring lends itself well to any decor style in Edmonton with its rich colour and tastefully done time-worn look.

5. Organic

This treatment works especially well on maple since it highlights the natural grain and texture of the hardwood flooring. Organic hardwood flooring will age beautifully and become even more stunning as time goes on.

6. Torrefied Hardwood

Torrefied hardwood flooring is thermo-cured, creating a natural caramelized effect that enhances the natural look of the wood. This process lends itself well to creating a warm, inviting look for your Edmonton home.

7. Exotics

In the flooring industry, exotics are hardwoods that aren't indigenous to North America. Some of these wood types have stunning colours and looks that set them apart from hardwoods found here. Some of these include Brazilian cherry, African sapele and Black walnut.

8. Added Character

From wire brushing to artful distressing, hardwood flooring with added character masks the wear and tear of your household. The wood's natural grain and beauty are enhanced and you worry less about scratches and lots of traffic.

9. Linear Design

Some hardwood flooring manufacturers have perfected the art of working with wood's natural striations and grey palettes to create an ultra-modern, urban chic look. This look features long, lean lines that are very unique in hardwood flooring.

10. Uniformity

If the natural colouring and patterning of hardwood flooring is something you don't feel you can live with, some manufacturers can offer you uniformly-coloured planks. Usually in white or black, you can opt for textured or smooth finishes to create the exact look you want.

We hope this guide to ten different style choice in hardwood flooring helps you get some new ideas for your Edmonton home. Contact us today to learn more about which hardwood flooring styles would look great in your home. You can even stop by to one of our Flooring Superstores Edmonton locations to see our selection of hardwood for yourself and start planning your perfect design.