Top Mistakes Made When Laying Kraus Luxury Vinyl Tile

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 15th Nov 2018

Top Mistakes Made When Laying Kraus Luxury Vinyl Tile

The composition, style, and durability of Kraus luxury vinyl tile is what makes this type of flooring the most preferred option for commercial and residential applications. If you intend to keep initial installation costs low, you can take the bull by its horns and install the tiles yourself. To help you get through, here are 4 mistakes usually made when laying Kraus luxury vinyl tile:

1. Laying on Uneven Base

A solid, even base is necessary for you to obtain an amazing look with Kraus luxury vinyl tile. While this type of flooring can perfectly cover some minor imperfections, there are some problems that can mess up your DIY project. An uneven subfloor is one of them. It’s important to make sure that there’s not even a slight difference in floor heights when laying your tile.

2. Using Too Little or Too Much Adhesive

If you’re not sure of how much adhesive to use, then this is a mistake you can easily make. You want your tiles to stick, but you don’t want to use too much adhesive as it can seep through cracks and become quite difficult to get off your Kraus luxury vinyl tile flooring. Using too little adhesive doesn’t help either, as it will leave you with ridges on your flooring. Luckily, the manufacturer has included recommendations on the installation instructions, so be sure to check.

3. Improperly Aligning the Tiles

If you try to align Kraus luxury vinyl tiles with a single wall in a large room, then you might end up making this popular mistake. Worse even is when the flooring spans more than one room in an open layout home. For proper alignment, you should consider using a straightedge to check the lines as you go.

4. Mismatching the pattern

Laying Kraus luxury vinyl tiles on a large space is no small feat. It’s a mundane job and any DIYer is bound to get tired and bored quickly. With fatigue and boredom taking their toll, you can lose focus and end up turning one of the tiles wrong. A mismatch on the pattern can turn the entire job into a disaster.

Those who have Kraus luxury vinyl tile flooring can attest that deciding to install this type of flooring is the best decision they ever made. Besides being exquisitely beautiful at first glance, it’s also extremely durable and can hold its luxurious finish for many years with very little maintenance.

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