Top Shades to Give Your Kraus Laminate Flooring a Modern Feel

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 1st Jun 2018

Top Shades to Give Your Kraus Laminate Flooring a Modern Feel

Top Shades to Give Your Kraus Laminate Flooring a Modern Feel
There’s a new trend in flooring that is giving homes new life, and Kraus Laminate Flooring is leading the way with shades of colour that will add personality and distinction to your Edmonton home.

Kraus Laminate Flooring is premium quality laminate that looks amazing and is made to withstand the rigors of a busy life. With both traditional wood tones and shades from creamy whites to vibrant golds, you can find the exact colour to customize your floors to match your personal style.

All the shades available in Kraus laminate flooring feature their patented Drop-Lock System for an installation that is both quick and secure. Kraus laminate flooring is scratch and scuff resistant and super easy to maintain. Best of all, it will last for years, maintaining both its integrity and its beauty.

When Light is Right

The Nature’s View collection from Kraus features a white laminate flooring option called White Harbor Oak that takes a base of white and combines it with touches of gray perfect for lightening up a room and setting the stage for a clean, crisp look when paired with a beachy décor or a modern black and white motif.

Cottonwood takes your desire for light flooring into an updated beige colour spectrum for a lovely neutral base that is ideal for highlighting your cool blue sofa or that luxurious brown leather chair.

Warm It Up

If your tastes trend more toward a warm colour pallet, you’ll have an exciting range of choices with Kraus laminate flooring in shades that take their cues from golds, oranges and reds.

The Apex line features Penticton Rosewood, with rich tones that showcase the reds of natural rosewood. It’s perfect for a formal living room or comfortable den and creates a foundation that will never go out of style.

Brookfield Birch, from the Cameo Series, takes the light look of birch wood and warms it up to a glowing new level with gold tones that literally grab the sunlight and make your house shine. For a laminate floor that pulls in orange highlights, you’ll want to consider Chatham Oak, also from the Cameo collection.

So Many Shades to Choose

Visit our showroom today to bask in the glow of new colour trends; Kraus Laminate Flooring has so many beautiful shades that you really have to see them for yourself.