Why Beaulieu Laminate Flooring is Perfect for Your Edmonton Home

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 12th Oct 2017

Why Beaulieu Laminate Flooring is Perfect for Your Edmonton Home

Beaulieu Laminate Flooring
If you are redecorating your home, designing a new one or sprucing up your house to put it on the market, replacing the floors is always a great option. The classic hardwood floor look is always appealing to homeowners but the installation, maintenance and price tag can be daunting. Thankfully, Beaulieu Laminate Flooring looks just like the real thing and has many benefits that hardwood does not.

Environmentally Friendly

The Green Label Plus program utilized by Beaulieu sets one of the highest standards for indoor air quality. It ensures that customers are getting the very lowest VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitting products for a safe, healthy home.

Adds Value to a Home

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add value to your home is by replacing the floors. One of the first things a potential buyer sees is the flooring and it can be a big factor in deciding whether or not to make an offer on the house. But if you're not thinking of selling anytime soon, adding Beaulieu Laminate Flooring will increase the equity of your home regardless.

Easy Installation

Beaulieu Laminate Flooring is extremely easy to install, either by a professional or as a DIY project. The snap and click system makes it easy to apply on top of existing floors, so messy and time-consuming demolition is not necessary.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning laminate flooring is as easy as sweeping or vacuuming. Spills and sticky messes can be easily wiped up with a damp cloth. No expensive chemical cleaners or mops necessary.


Beaulieu Laminate Flooring is a fraction of the cost of hardwood floors and comes in a variety of different styles, textures and colors at different price points. You'll be sure to find something to fit your style and your budget.

Beaulieu Laminate Flooring is sure to transform your home no matter what your style or needs are. Whether you have a small room to redo or an entire house, come on down to our Edmonton location today to browse the many available options!