Why Engineered Hardwood is Becoming More and More Popular

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 20th Sep 2019

Why Engineered Hardwood is Becoming More and More Popular

Many of us are intent on keeping our homes looking immaculate. With children and pets, this isn’t always possible, but with certain décor choices and flooring, it can be achieved. Any décor and flooring that is durable and easy to maintain is a plus. Here are a few reasons engineered hardwood flooring is in such high demand.

Easy to Maintain

Engineered hardwood flooring is easy to maintain. This is a plus for many homeowners. Life happens and having a floor that can easily be cleaned up makes life easier. Engineered hardwood flooring doesn’t require elaborate maintenance. When cleaning necessary a vacuum or mop will easily do the trick.

Variety and Options

Homeowners now have the ability to choose flooring and make it a part of the décor of their room. Of course, this is possible with flooring that has a variety of options. Engineered hardwood flooring is one of those materials. There are many variants to choose from and each has its own benefits. Many types are eco-friendly and give you the look and feel of real hardwood floors without the price tag.

Easy Installation

Engineered hardwood flooring uses a click-fitting system. This means it has far easier installation than other types of flooring. This is great because the effort required to install it is minimal. Since there is less effort to install it the overhead costs are reduced. Additionally, the ease of installation reduces the amount of time your home will be disrupted during installation.


The cost of engineered hardwood flooring is on the budget-friendly side. With this type of flooring, you’re making your life easier without having to sacrifice the durability of your flooring. You’ll be spending less in labor to install the flooring as well. Once installed there are no further processes required. You’ll be able to install the flooring and go about living your life immediately. No long, drawn-out installations.


Over time a great amount of pressure is placed on flooring. Engineered hardwood consists of many layers making it structurally sound. It can handle the elements including water and changes in temperature. It is especially useful in areas that have high levels of humidity such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. There is little worry about floor swelling due to these conditions.


Engineered hardwood has a long lifespan. We are talking 20 years or more which means worrying less about replacement later. Due to its make-up and durability, it already adds years to its life, but there are other things you can do including sanding and refinishing. Sanding gets rid of contaminants, dust, and even stains. Refinishing the floor can keep it looking good as new longer. These types of enhancements don’t take a lot of time and save money in the long haul.

Adds Value to Your Property

When adding things to your home, you always make sure that it adds value. Any property value increase helps you resell the property and get money back on your investment. Many of the reasons mentioned including the lifespan and the stability are reasons that engineered hardwood flooring adds value to your property. Not to mention the great style and easy maintenance you’ll be passing on to the new homeowners.

Add Engineered Hardwood to Your Home Today

When looking at new flooring options, homeowners tend to choose engineered hardwood for its value and ease of installation. It’s versatile and one of the most in demand types of flooring out there. There’s a good chance you’ll be choosing engineered hardwood for your home and Flooring Superstore Edmonton can help.

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