Why Linoleum Flooring Isn’t Outdated

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 11th Oct 2016

Why Linoleum Flooring Isn’t Outdated

Linoleum Flooring in Edmonton from Carpet Superstores Edmonton
With endless design possibilities, extreme resilience and its environmentally-friendly nature, linoleum is anything but outdated. In fact, if you are a busy and active Edmonton family, linoleum flooring might be the wisest choice for your home. Let's look at some of reasons why linoleum flooring is making a big comeback.

Going Green Has Never Been Easier

It might surprise you when we say that linoleum is among the greenest of flooring products on the market today. Composed of natural materials and resin, this green flooring is made up of recycled wood flours, linseed oil, cork dust, mineral pigments and limestone! All of this is mounted onto a jute backing, which is a naturally strong substance. All of this combines to make linoleum flooring a wise choice for Edmonton families who want a greener option that is biodegradable and overall better for the environment.

Cleaner than Clean

If you or a family member suffers from allergies, you'll love linoleum flooring. The materials used to make linoleum make it naturally anti-bacterial and because of its resilience, it can be cleaned with floor cleaners with disinfectants that keep mold and bacteria at bay. Since you can opt for a smooth surface, dust removal is quick and easy with a good floor vacuum or broom. There are no fibers to catch and hold dust mites and dirt that can agitate allergy and breathing issues.

Imagination is The Only Limit

You can certainly go for beautiful stone or tile looks, or realistic wood patterns with textures, but you can also be creative! Linoleum flooring lends itself well to being cut into shapes so you can create interesting focal points for rooms, incredible contrasting borders and just about any other design style you can imagine. With an incredible assortment of colours and patterns to choose from, you truly have endless design capability with linoleum flooring.

More Than Just Being as Tough as Nails

Busy and growing Edmonton families need flooring they can live on without worrying about every spill, every wet or muddy boot and even toys that seemingly jump out of kids' hands. Linoleum also offers softer falls for those inevitable tumbles! This flooring is highly resilient and holds up beautifully under heavy traffic, resistant to gouging and scratching and even resists tearing. You can live hard and play hard without worrying that you will ruin the beautiful finish on your new flooring.

Our flooring experts at Flooring Superstores Edmonton can't wait to show you why linoleum isn't outdated and what you can do with linoleum flooring in your home! Contact us today or visit our showroom to learn more about linoleum or see our huge selection of flooring choices.