Why more Edmonton Parents are Switching to Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 15th Feb 2018

Why more Edmonton Parents are Switching to Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Why more Edmonton Parents are Switching to Luxury Vinyl Tiles
When deciding on what type of material to use for your home flooring, there are several different factors to consider. Price, durability, maintenance, and installation are all important, but if you have children, things get even more complicated. Spills, bangs, toy car wheels, crayons.... the list of possible accidents on your flooring is endless. Luckily, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring makes dealing with all those things a lot less frustrating. Here are some of the reasons parents are choosing luxury vinyl tile flooring when considering new flooring for their home.

Realistic Styles

Ceramic and porcelain floors will always be a classic choice for homes for its traditional and timeless look. Unfortunately, tile can be hard to maintain, especially with children, and it has a hefty price tag. Luxury vinyl tile flooring comes in a wide variety of colours and styles that resembles tile, from darker tiles to weathered grays. You're bound to find something perfect for your home that fits in with your vision of the tile look.

Spill Proof

Parents love luxury vinyl tile flooring because every brand has their own moisture-resistant technology that prevents liquid from penetrating the surface, making spills super easy to wipe up. With luxury vinyl tile flooring, stickier messes can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, eliminating the need for expensive and potentially dangerous cleaning solutions.

Soft Steps

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is made by a layering system as opposed to ceramic or porcelain that is made of solid pieces. This means LVT is softer underfoot than other flooring materials. Making it a great choice for little ones with little growing feet. That also means it's more resilient to heavy traffic and rough movement, i.e. hours and hours of toy car races.


Luxury vinyl tile flooring is a fraction of the price per square foot than ceramic or porcelain, even the top tier premium choices. Also, durability, easy maintenance, and easy installation factor into the lower costs compared to remodeling with tile. Since luxury vinyl tile flooring can be installed over existing flooring without using glue, it also can easily and affordably be removed if you decide to replace it after your children are older.

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