Why You Should Give Someone the Gift of Carpet This Christmas

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 5th Dec 2016

Why You Should Give Someone the Gift of Carpet This Christmas

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If you are looking for a unique gift idea for that person on your list who seemingly has everything or that special person who has wanted to improve the look and feel of their home for a while, you should consider giving them the gift of carpet this Christmas. Whether it's for one room or a deposit towards their flooring choice, there are so many benefits to gifting carpet to your Edmonton family or friends that they will be thanking your for years to come!

Benefits of Carpet

Today's carpet isn't the same as decades ago and there are benefits of carpet that many people don't realize. New carpet is cleaner and healthier for air quality, especially if there are kids in the home who play on the floor. Unlike most other flooring products, carpet is the lowest emitter of VOC's (volatile organic compounds), which are often the culprit of headaches, sore throats and nasal irritation. Carpet can also be better for people with allergies and respiratory issues because it helps improve indoor air quality by acting as a type of filter. Not to mention carpet has natural noise reducing tendencies as well.

Nothing Warms Up a Room Like Carpet

Carpet is a great insulator and winters can get pretty cold in Edmonton. Hard flooring choices like laminate and hardwood can make for cold feet and achy bones during the winter months. With the door opening and closing so often to allow guests to enter your home or with the kids running to play outside and running back in to warm up from the cold, hard flooring choices can get quite chilly. Carpet keeps your floors warmer and more comfortable both for walking on and sitting on when the house is full of guests.

Add More Space and Improve Property Value

Carpet is a beautiful way to finish any room, which adds a lot of space to a person's home. Can you imagine the surprise of your loved one when they open your gift and see that they can realize their dream of a finished family room or that they can finally completed that flooring project they've been meaning to get to? Not only will they have new flooring that they've been dreaming of, but you will also be helping them increase the value of their home!

Consider the gift of carpet or new flooring for a friend or family member this Christmas in Edmonton. No other gift will provide the people you love with so many great benefits and as an added bonus, when you're visiting you get to enjoy the gift too! Contact us at Flooring Superstores Edmonton to speak with our flooring pros to learn how you can give the gift of flooring this Christmas.