Your Trend Guide for New Congoleum Vinyl Tile

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 15th Oct 2018

Your Trend Guide for New Congoleum Vinyl Tile

Your Trend Guide for New Congoleum Vinyl Tile

Your home is that one place that expresses your artistic and aesthetic choices and preferences. Does yours look great? Can it hold up to wear and tear? Does it make you the envy of your friends? Well, if you have answered ‘no’, Congoleum vinyl tile might be just what you need. Congoleum has, without a doubt, pushed the boundaries of what vinyl can do, so there is no excuse for having plain, boring flooring anymore.

Reasons Why Congoleum Vinyl Tile is an Ideal Option

  1. Available in different patterns and designs: This type of luxury flooring provides you with the flexibility of design that is hard to find with simple hardwood flooring. It is available in a variety of different patterns, making it easy to find the one that complements your style the best.
  2. Endures all stresses of everyday life: Congoleum vinyl tile is tough and durable. Whether you install it in high traffic spaces or damp areas, this kind of flooring is made to endure it all. It is resilient and moisture resistant, keeping your floors safe and protected.
  3. Less grime, less time scrubbing: If you are like most people, you obviously hate spending endless hours scouring the grout between tiles. With Congoleum vinyl tile, you can achieve a sparkling clean floor without spending a lot of time scrubbing.
  4. Easy on your feet: Compared to hardwood flooring, Congoleum vinyl tile is softer, warmer, and more comfortable than many other flooring types. Besides keeping your feet warm during wintertime, you also don’t have to worry about pressure points when standing or walking on this type of flooring.
  5. Make the Best of Your Vinyl Tiles

    • Measure the space’s square footage by multiplying its width by its length to determine how much flooring you need.
    • Buy about 10% extra to compensate for mistakes, waste and future repairs.
    • Check for certifications to ensure that your Congoleum vinyl tile flooring will emit relatively low levels of volatile organic compounds.
    • Sampling the product before the purchase is a smart move. Bring some samples home for a side-by-side comparison to find the one that best complements your style.
    • Hire a pro to do the installation. Consider doing all the prep work yourself to trip hundreds of dollars off the job.

    Take all the second-guessing out of flooring your home by choosing a true, tried and tested product. With Congoleum vinyl tile, your vision for a beautiful, comfortable home is more than just an idea – it is a possibility.

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