Stay Cozy with Carpet Flooring

Posted by Flooring Superstores on 3rd Jan 2023

Stay Cozy with Carpet Flooring

Stay Cozy with Carpet Flooring

Is there anything cozier in the winter than carpet flooring? Hardwood may be popular right now, but carpet holds a significant advantage over hard surface flooring during the winter months! Here are a few reasons why. Visit our stores today to see our in-stock carpet options!


Hardwood may be everywhere these days, but carpet has a style that is underrated. It can be luxurious and elegant or comfortable and cozy. Carpet flooring just gives your room a different feel. Comfortable and cozy is what you want during the colder winter months. No other type of flooring can set a mood or feel purely based on its presence quite like carpet can.


Walking on harder floors can leave your body feeling sore. They don't offer flexibility or absorb shock from footsteps. Carpet flooring, on the other hand, is nice to lay, walk, or sit on. It offers flexibility and cushion especially when there is an underpad. Carpet is more comfortable to the touch and on the body.


Winter is cold and carpet provides insulation which can be incredibly valuable to your home. Hard flooring doesn't offer that same insulation. It can leave your home feeling colder and less homey. Carpet flooring can also help you save on electricity or natural gas due to its added insulation. This means you could have added savings every winter.

Health Benefits

For years there has been debate over whether carpet helps or aggravates health problems such as respiratory issues. People have been ripping up their carpets and replacing them with hardwood flooring. Recently many studies have shown that this just isn't true, and carpet has just as many benefits as hard flooring, if not more!


Everything is much louder in homes with hard flooring and sounds carry much farther. When a room has no carpet, it's very noticeable that sounds seemingly bounce off the walls and create an unfortunate echo. Carpet flooring can absorb sound meaning your home will be quieter and much more enjoyable.


It's a known fact, that hard surfaces are slippery. We all know it's not much fun to fall or slip onto a hard surface and these events do happen. Carpet provides a softer landing surface and is especially important in baby's rooms. If your home has stairs, you definitely should consider carpet to create much less of a hazard. Carpet increases safety for young children and adults with mobility issues.


All types of flooring have their price points and quality ranges. This means no one is guaranteed to be more cost-effective than another. However, when it comes down to it, carpet can cost much less than hard flooring. Not only does cost play a factor, but many hard floorings have other preparations to make before they can be installed adding in extra costs. Carpet flooring can be installed over many types of subfloors saving many costs.

Upgrading Your Carpet Flooring This Winter

Carpet brings added warmth and comfort to your home which is essential during the winter months. Ready to upgrade your carpet flooring? Contact us today.